First Year Teacher Mentorship & Support

  • First Year teachers are supported throughout the school year in very specific ways. Wylie ISD has created and continues to refine, a Mentor Program to help guide new classroom teachers. First, each first-year teacher is assigned a veteran teacher to act as their mentor. The mentor receives training prior to the school year beginning to better understand their role. They are trained in mentoring strategies, as well as instructional coaching. Mentors are required to meet with a district representative throughout the school year to continue training.

    First-Year Teachers are required to attend First Year Teacher Academy throughout the school year with a district representative. Each meeting addresses different topics to help alleviate stress on the first-year teacher. Topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Classroom Management
    • District Policies and Procedures
    • Instructional Strategies
    • State Testing
    • Special Ed/504 Rules and Regulations
    • Student Discipline
    • Working with a Mentor

    In First Year Teacher Academy, first-year teachers are given time to observe other teachers, as well as their mentor. Time is given to ask questions, run through scenarios, and see others in action in areas they feel they may need support. A district representative stays in continual contact with first-year teachers to ensure needs are being met.