Camp Information

  • Adventure Camp Davis Intermediate School


    Collin County Adventure Camp

    General Information 

    • Dates: February 28 to March 2, 2022
    • Location: Westminster, TX

    78 North to 121, Turn left on 121, Turn right on 2862, Turn right on 3133, Entrance approx.  ½ mile on left 

    • Cost: $180.00 per student and $100.00 per adult chaperone
        • Payment Due: February 11, 2022
    • Transportation: WISD school buses 
    • Student Teacher ratio: 25:1 
    • Student Parent Ratio: 6:1 
    • Cabins: 12 students and 2 parents or teachers per cabin 
    • Nurse: A certified nurse will be present 
    • Curriculum:
      • TEKS based: 8-10 learning sessions
        • Field investigations, Scientific method, Conservation, Systems, Cycles, Forces, Astronomy-telescopes, Adaptive characteristics of species, Ecosystems and niches, Inherited traits of offspring in plants and animals, Characteristics of our environment, Landforms-weathering and deposition of sediments, Physical characteristics of the earth and moon, Team Building opportunities: Ropes Course, Fishing, Archery, Canoeing 
    • More Information:

    Collin County Adventure Camp