• Welcome to Pre AP Texas History - 2021-2022
    Welcome to Pre AP Texas History!  I'm so excited about how much we are about to learn this year!!!  The successful student in any Pre AP is one that is highly organized (I'll help with that), eager to learn, willing to do homework, studies, and isn't afraid to critically think.  The homework level will be more than regular Texas History. Students will be writing essays and defend their viewpoints in this class.  We will be very busy this year, and students should be on track to learn so much.  I'm so excited! 
    Important:  There is not an AP Texas History test at Wylie East!  The AP (Advanced Placement) class allows students to, with the successful accurate completiion of the AP exam, test out of college classes and earn college credit while in high school.  We teach Texas History in 7th grade in Texas, but we are the only state to do so:  this means that an AP Texas History class and test will never exist (only Pre AP) because  the AP program is a national program Kids, for example, that live in Maine will not be taught Texas History - eliminating the test from ever being considered.  However, we can get students a strong base knowledge/analyitical skills will be AP US History - a subject taught in 11th grade.  This class is geared to give them a chance to work through the US History concepts (and we will build digital reminders and place in Google Drive) so that the class will be easier.  
    AP Program Introduction - In this class, we will discuss the format of the AP History exams and the benefits of taking the AP Exams.  The four parts of the test will be discussed throughout the year. The four parts are the multiple choice section, 3 SAQ (Short Answer Essay Questions - usually 1 paragraph with three subtopics), the DBQ (Document Based Question), and the LEQ (Long Essay Question) Essay.  We will discuss and practice ONLY the DBQs and SAQs this school year.  To help give kids an early start to US History, we will begin with the Presidency of George Washington through James Monroe - what is known as the Early Republic Era.  This is an era in which students begin struggling to remember US History.  Although we will not cover all aspects of US History (we will bypass the industrial revolution, romanticism, and transcendenalism), a great emphasis will be placed on topics that could be eligible for a APUSH muliple choice question, DBQ, or  SAQ (Short Answer Question).  The objective is to give the students an incredibly firm foundation so that when they reach the AP US History OR decide to take the Dual Credit American History class, it will be much less of a struggle.  The teachers at Wylie East have to move quickly, for they have to start from the begining of the 13 English colonies to the War Against Terrorism after 9/11:  AND BE DONE BY THE FIRST WEEK OF MAY.  The firm foundation we give them at Burnett will help them not become overwhelmed. 
    Why is the DBQ a bit difficult?   What makes the DBQ a bit difficult is that students have to read documents from the 19th and 20th centuries and comprehend what the document is saying as well as think of the context of life during that time period.  Many writers in the 19th century do not have the same writing style as we do in the 21st century, and the vocabulary of the authors can be difficult.  Older documents include a vocabulary level that is higher than what most Americans speak or write at today.  We will develop strategies (as well as learn vocabulary) to assist us.
    Videos with Video Quizzes -  Using C-SPAN, YouTube AP US History videos and other sites, students will be asked from time to time to watch videos from leading historians.  It is encouraged that students take notes while they are watching the video as well.   Last year we watched a video on the abolitionist Frederick Douglass, for example.  It was so exciting to hear the students talk about what they picked up from the video clip - I don't think they ever forgot it.  I think this can be a very valuable tool to assist the aspiring AP student.  Many AP US History teachers have review videos on YouTube to help their students with the APUSH test already.  Our goal is for each individual student to find an APUSH teacher that helps them the most and is easily understood or interesting.  We will discover that this year.
    AP Strategies -  To help with the AP US History exam, we will discuss strategies on how to disect primary sources, writing a compelling argument, and assist on harder mulitiple choice formats that the AP US History test uses.   
    Developing a Google Drive History Portfolio -  students will have activities that they will place in Google Drive. When the students move up to 8th and 11th grade, students will have access to items that they have built.  Google Classroom will also contain Quizlets and other review aids.
    Note:  After Texas gains approval to join the US in 1845, our class will build items for the different eras of US History to modern time.  It will have a "Texas" focus, but will also mention national themes.
    Homework Load:  As you might already expect, we will have more homework that Regular Texas History.  Students will be in Buc Bonus frequently as well to assist with homework, writing assignments, or extensions.  If you ask students who have had this class before, they most likely will tell you that as long as you don't procrastinate on the extensions, you will be fine on homework levels.  Procrastination, however, could cause the student some stress. 
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