Technology Resources

  • Acceptable Use Policy
    Student access of network and Internet resources is governed by the WISD Acceptable Use Guidelines for Student Technology Use (see Appendix III of the Student Handbook) and the Student Code of Conduct. All students will be issued a network account and other resources required to complete course requirements. The AUP outlines the policies and guidelines for using technology in the district. Click on the appropriate link to access the policy documents:
    Technology Plan
    The Technology Department has a comprehensive strategic plan to guide, implement, and develop the future of our school district's technology work.

    This plan is a synthesis of the visions and recommendations provided by the Wylie ISD Technology Committee composed of administrators, teachers, and parents.

    Our department annually reviews the plans and makes recommendations for modfications. The complete plan is available here as a downloadable document.

    Purchasing Procedures
    All purchases of software and technology equipment including computers and any device that connects to a computer or the network, must be approved by the Wylie ISD Technology Department. Purchase orders within the Skyward finance system for technology items are automatically routed through the Technology Department for approval. All order requests are reviewed by the Technology Department and may be accepted or declined based on the associated technical requirements, support requirements, and/or consistency with the district goals.

    A copy of the software and its license must be provided to the technology department prior to any installation of software (all software will be installed by district technology personnel). The software will only be installed on the number of computers for which the district owns a license. The technology staff should be consulted prior to purchasing any software to ensure compatibility with our network and computers. Computer technicians will uninstall without notice any software for which the district does not have a software license.

    The technology department will be happy to provide assistance in product selection and pricing information. Please contact Tracy Allen (x3021) with any requests.