• Clinical Teaching

    Wylie ISD welcomes clinical teachers during the fall and spring semesters. To request placement, please follow the steps below. All clinical teacher requests are handled through Human Resources. Students or representatives should not contact teachers or principals directly. More information on the program can be found in the Clinical Teacher Handbook.

    Placement Process

    1. Clinical Teacher requests must be made by the university or certification program.
      The request must include:
      • Description of the assignment
      • Certification being sought
      • Preferences for school or grade level
      • Assignment starting and ending dates or total hours required
    2. Complete an online background check for the district.

    *Spring clinical teaching requests will be accepted through December 4, 2020.

    Clinical Teachers will attend a district orientation to get an overview of our expecations for them. They will receive a clinical teacher badge at this time. If they are due to begin their clinical teaching prior to the orientation date, they will need to have their driver's license in order to receive a visitors badge in the front office.  The tentative date for Clinical Teacher Orientation is Monday, January 4, 2021.  Please contact Melissa Hefty at (972) 429-3066 or Melissa.Hefty@wylieisd.net if you have any questions.

  • Classroom Observers

    Classroom Observers are individuals looking to observe in our classrooms in order to meet state or university requirements prior to teacher certification. Wylie ISD does allow individuals to observe in our classrooms. Observers will work directly with the classroom teacher they are assigned to arrange dates and times to observe. The available dates for observation are as follows:

    • Fall semester observation requests need to be submitted between September 8 - November 13, 2020.  *Observations will not open until October 19.
    • Spring semester observation requests need to be submitted between January 5 - April 16, 2021. * Observations will not open until January 11.

    *You will receive the classroom teacher assignment via email. Do not contact a teacher or campus principal without an email confirmation from Human Resources.  Wylie ISD does not offer classroom observations during the summer.

    Observation Request Process

    Please contact Ashley Hopson at Ashley.Hopson@wylieisd.net if you have any questions regarding classroom observations.