• Welcome to Ms. Baldwin's 5th Grade Science Class. 
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    Ms. Baldwin's Class Schedule 
    Block  A                   8:15-9:16    Advanced Science                                                        
    Block  B                  9:20-10:21  Science
    Block  C                10:25-11:26  Science                                             
    Block  D                11:30-12:30  Advanced Science
    Recess                  12:31-12:41
    Lunch                    12:42-1:12 
    Electives/P.E           1:16-1:58 
    Marauder Minds      2:02-2:44   
    Conference              2:48-3:30
    I am looking forward to a great 2023/2024 school year! 
    Journals-Science journals are stored in the science classroom.  If your child wants to take it home to study, to catch up on missing work, etc., he/she may check it out on the journal checkout clipboard in my classroom.  Be sure your child brings it back the next day since we use them daily in class.
    Chromebooks and Earbuds or headphones-Your child will need their chromebook/ear buds daily in all classes.  Please be sure the chromebook is fully charged every night so your child will be ready for the day. 
     Tutorial Schedule
    Wednesday afternoon 3:35-4:20 p.m.  If your child wants to retake an assignment, they will need to attend a tutoring session.  This is an opportunity for your child to bring up their grade as well as help your child master the science material.   


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