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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science - Texas A&M Commerce 1994 Major: History and Language Arts Minor: Secondary Education Certifications: History (Grade 6-12) English (Grades 6-12) Physical Education (Grades 6-12)

Mr. Douglas Grether

Updated:  June 2021
Teacher  -  7th Grade  Pre AP Texas History
Years Experience: 25 years (all in Wylie ISD)
Degree:  Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M- Commerce
Certifications:  History, English, and Physical Education (Grades 6-12)
    Although the first nine years of life was spent in Illinois (aka Land of Lincoln), I quickly discovered upon moving to Texas just how interesting this state truly is.  Texas is filled with so many unique moments in history that teaching it is a great and wonderful adventure.  I truly love what I do - and enjoy working with young men and women on a quest to discover the lessons, the stories, and the magic of history.  
   I feel that teachers have an opportunity to have a positive impact on every student - and I have experienced this back in 1988.   During my senior year at Plano Senior High, I found out that my parents had just lost their jobs a month before graduating.  I was a bit dejected and wondered what I was going to do, but a history teacher named Mr. Stone stopped by my locker and told me to not give up on my dreams.  Those words have really stayed with me ever since along with the fantastic job he did as my AP European History teacher.   I graduated from Plano Senior High in the late 1980's and went to Collin College and Texas A&M- Commerce.  It was not an easy road to pay my way through college, but I followed Mr. Stone's advice and kept working hard to graduate,  After graduating from college, I had a chance to substitute teach for both Garland and Wylie, but there was just something about Wylie that really made me feel that this is the place I needed to be.  
    Wylie has changed so much since I started in 1996, but one thing remains the same:  the district and the parents care so much about the young minds and hearts that attend schools here in Wylie.   I honestly and truly love students as well as the subject of history.  This job is my dream profession!  I can't wait until the school year begins in August and meet you.  This year will be a unique year with the events of 2020, but know that we will learn, grow, and develop our knowledge of the best subject in the world!  I will do my very best to prepare you for the AP history classes at the high school without trying to overwhelm students.