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Degrees and Certifications:

Certifications:  Business Education: 6-12 English Language Arts:  8-12 ESL: 8 - 12    University History:  University of Texas at Austin:     Mechanical Engineering/Geology        Competitive Gymnastics   Texas Tech University:    BA English: Technical Writing       Minor: Business Administration    MA Speech Communications   Texas A&M Commerce: Alternative Teacher Certification PhD studies: English and Linguistics  

Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons

Dual Credit ENG 1301/1302
Office Hours: By appointment
Assistant Tennis Coach
Married to Richie - 1990
Two daughters:
Emily-Artist, Creative Writer, BA English, MA Literature
Sara-EKG Technician and studying to become a teacher/research librarian
Jubilee (Jubi)-Belgian/German Shepard
Jasper-German Shepard/Golden Retriever
AJ-Standard Poodle
Spending time with my husband
Home manicures and nail art
DIY home repairs and building projects
Teaching is my second career, and I love this career. I spent twenty-one years in the telecom industry and four years doing my "own thing."
Nortel Networks: 21 years
   Network Engineering 
   Technical Writing - Course Development
   Course Manager - technical instructor
   Marketing/Corporate events
   Program Management
   Project Management
   Vendor Relations 
Independent Consultant and Personal Fitness