• Grading Policy
    All Burnett Junior High School courses will average their nine weeks and semester grades according to the following criteria:
    • Daily Grades will be averaged to obtain 40% of a student’s nine weeks grade.

    • Test Grades will be averaged to obtain 60% of a student’s nine weeks grade.

    Semester Grades

    The average of the two nine week’s grades will count as 80% of the final semester grade.

    The semester exam will count as 20% of the final semester grade

    Students and parents should be encouraged to take advantage of the district’s on-line grade book, Parent Online Access. Students should be strongly encouraged to maintain their own on-going average in each class through each grading period. It is desirable for students and their parents to continually be aware of the quality of the student’s work.

    Three weeks progress reports and report cards will be sent out for all students. Parents utilizing Parent Online Access will receive electronic notification of these reports.

    Incomplete Grades

    It is the responsibility of each student to make sure that all work is completed in order to receive a complete nine weeks’ grade in each subject. If a student has absences and the make-up work has not been submitted by the end of the grading period, in accordance with the make-up work procedure, the teacher may give the student an incomplete in the class. Any incomplete grade recorded for a student for a nine weeks period will be changed to a numerical grade if for any reason the student fails to make up work within the time allotted by the procedure.

    Late Work/Missing Assignments/Work Recovery

    Late work and missing assignments may be accepted up to the end of each 9-week period after the original due date and time. Students attending school sponsored trips should request their assignments in advance.

    Completion of classroom assignments is an important part of the learning process at BJHS. Students who do not complete assignments within 24 hours of the due date will receive an assignment to Mandatory Work Recovery. The student will remain in the Work Recovery room until the assignment and learning has been completed. If the student does not attend the Mandatory Work Recovery, it will become a discipline issue and the student will receive a discipline consequence from administration.

    Test Re-Take Policy

    Students will have an opportunity to have a reassessment for any major up to two times during the 9-week grading period. The student must attend at least one tutorial in the subject prior to reassessment.