Substitute Dress Code

    • All Wylie ISD substitute teachers are required to wear District-issued shirts or a Wylie ISD spirit shirt and a District-issued staff ID at all times. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that enrolled students, employed staff, and the general public are able to easily identify and recognize substitute teachers on campus. 

    • Substitutes must wear dress pants or nice jeans (no cutoff, ripped, or sagging jeans, no sweats or wind suits unless substituting for a physical education class, no leggings as pants, and stirrup pants may be worn if sized appropriately). with an approved Wylie ISD substitute polo or spirit shirt. The Wylie ISD HR department will issue three complimentary shirts when the substitute is hired and attends new hire orientation before beginning to work. Substitutes may purchase additional spirit shirts from the central office. Long-term subs will not be required to wear the District-issued shirts and follow the district staff dress code. 

    • All substitutes must maintain a neat, clean, and professional appearance. 

    • Substitutes may request a temporary waiver from the aforementioned standards for extenuating circumstances. Those circumstances include religious or medical reasons. Each campus will have sub-shirts available for anyone who forgets their shirt or is not in compliance with the dress code that day. 

    • Substitutes may still participate in district and campus special dress days, like Think College Thursday, spirit days, and Wylie Way Days, at the discretion of their campus principal.