Graduation Profile

  • Graduation Profile

    The Wylie Independent School district, in partnership with parents and the community, will provide all students a world-class academic education, which will prepare them to lead successful and productive lives. In order to achieve the District mission, graduates will be...

    Critical thinkers and innovative problem solvers who:

    • demonstrate logic, critical thinking skills, creativity, the ability to solve problems, and read with understanding
    • make and evaluate decisions using ethical and moral principles

    Life-long learners who:

    • continually pursue and integrate knowledge
    • read and learn for enjoyment, fulfillment and breadth of knowledge
    • balance the demands of work and personal life
    • seek educational and career options
    • develop and maintain life-long personal health and wellness practices
    • gain insights from and respond to artistic endeavors

    Quality producers and performers who:

    • demonstrate self-discipline, set goals, and use time wisely
    • maintain high standards to produce quality work while identifying, assessing, and using resources, technologies, and organizational strategies

    Collaborative community members who:

    • understand world issues and current events, identify the rights and obligations of citizens, and participate in the democratic process
    • demonstrate character values and ethical behavior
    • understand the value and rewards of work
    • model productive citizenship by participating directly in the community
    • demonstrate interpersonal skills needed to work effectively in teams, manage conflict, and be an effective parent
    • appreciate the value of diversity

    Effective communicators who:

    • write and speak correctly, effectively and fluently, adapting to different audiences and purposes
    • listen, speak, read, and write to convey and understand thought, competencies, and feelings
    • listen attentively and critically to interact with others appropriately
    • are cognitive of and empathetic to others' viewpoints order to be productive citizens contributing to the world, community and self.