What CLAAS Graduates Say About the Program

  • “The main thing I appreciated about CLAAS was hearing from the people in charge of the different departments and how they care about Wylie ISD. The one that sticks out in my mind was the presentation from the financial department. I loved hearing how they are fiscally intelligent and responsible, and how they plan ahead to avoid debt and overspending.”

    — Heather Jones, Wylie ISD Parent

    CLAAS 2012-13
    CLAAS 2012-13
    “Thank you for hosting this. I really enjoyed the sessions. It’s a great way to get information about the school district. Attending this will help me to do my job better at the public library.

    All of you are so well qualified. The city is lucky to have dedicated teachers, administrators, and support staff working with children and parents. I was especially impressed with the home visits to the Burnett families.”

    — Rachel Orozco, Library Director
    Smith Public Library

    “Whether you are new to the district or just want to know more about what Wylie ISD is all about, CLAAS is an excellent, hands-on opportunity to become an informed member of the Wylie ISD community. I was so impressed by the enthusiasm of each department and feel confident our students are the focal point of every decision the district makes. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!”

    — Stephanie James, Wylie ISD Parent

    CLAAS 2012-13
    CLAAS 2012-13
    “I loved getting a comprehensive look into all the inter-workings of the district. Excellent information and format. I especially appreciate the involvement of top ranking district officials.”

    — Timla Healey, Wylie ISD Parent

    “As a grandparent of two and one on the way, I had no idea how much school had changed especially here in Wylie, TX. This class was definitely an eye opening experience. Thank you Wylie ISD for providing such an informative class.”

    — Jose Santamaria, Local Business Owner
    Wylie ISD Grandparent

    CLAAS 2012-13
    CLAAS 2012-13
    “If anybody has a child in Wylie ISD, you won’t regret to take CLAAS!! Well organized, packed with information and you get to know people who make Wylie ISD the place want your children to be!! Most of all, I had a lot of fun! Tour of technology driven classes at Harrison and Career Path oriented classes in High school. Behind the scene of implementation of new curriculum & STAAR test and where we are heading to… don’t you want to know??”

    — Nobue Jansen, Wylie ISD Council of PTAs Ways & Means Chair,
    VP of Burnett Jr. High PTA