• Dyslexia Universal Screening 

    In 2017, the 85th Texas Legislature passed House Bill (HB) 1886, amending TEC §38.003, Screening and Treatment for Dyslexia, to require that all kindergarten and first-grade public school students be screened for dyslexia and related disorders. Additionally, the law requires that all students beyond first grade be screened or tested as appropriate.

    Texas Education Code §38.003 mandates that kindergarten students be screened at the end of the school year. The grade 1 screening must conclude no later than January 31 of each year.

    Wylie ISD incorporates Dyslexia screening into an existing RtI process at the Elementary Campuses. NWEA/MAP is our Universal Screener and is an approved assessment for our Dyslexia Screener, along with the use of the BAS Reading Assessment and teacher observation data. MAP Spanish Screener will be utilized by all native Spanish speakers in addition to the above-mentioned data.

    The teacher records the following observation items from Guided Reading/BAS testing, classroom observations, and testing for each student:

    • Lacks knowledge of all 26 letters 
    • Lacks knowledge of letter sounds 
    • Difficulty reading words in isolation 
    • Difficulty spelling sight words
    • Difficulty spelling phonetically
    • Lack of automaticity 
    • Difficulty sounding out words left to right 
    • Frequent guessing 
    • Fails to Self correct
    • Inability to focus on reading 
    • Avoidance Behavior
    • Family History of Dyslexia

    Using the cumulative student data gathered, the RtI team, administration, and Dyslexia therapists work together to make recommendations for the students. The Pathway for Identification and Provision of Instruction for students with Dyslexia flowchart is used to guide these discussions. Referrals are processed through this team and must include parent notification if the student is suspected to be at risk for Dyslexia.

    Wylie ISD Screening Timeline 2021-2022 School Year

    Wylie ISD 1st Grade Dyslexia Screening (per TEA due by 1/31/22)

    • Dyslexia Overview and Screening Training in January 2022 1st Grade PLC
    • Reading MAP MOY window: Jan 18-21, 2022
    • Observation data completed by 1st-grade teams due Friday, Jan 28, 2022
    • February PLC/RtI for data analysis. Students should be considered for RtI and screened as necessary.
    • Parent Notification if a student is identified as at-risk for Dyslexia - Spring 2022

    Wylie ISD Kindergarten Dyslexia Screening (per TEA due by 5/26/22)

    • Dyslexia Overview and Screening Training in April 2022 Kinder PLC
    • Reading MAP EOY window is May 2–6, 2022
    • Campus spreadsheets for observation data will be shared on Wed, May 11, 2022, with Therapists and Admin.  
    • Observation data completed by Kinder teams due by Friday, May 20, 2022.
    • Parent Notification if a student is identified as at-risk for Dyslexia - Summer 2022
    • August 2022 initial PLC's to include discussions of students with 'red flags'. Students should be considered for RtI and screened as necessary.