• Wylie ISD provides a strong math program for students in grades K through 12. The instructional resources used to deliver the state curriculum are rich, engaging, and innovative. We provide students with consistent hands-on practice of mathematical skills and work diligently to show students the real-world applications inherent in math.
    Seventh grade students who qualify can accelerate their math experience in Wylie by taking Pre-Algebra, which feeds into a Pre-Advanced Placement Algebra I course in 8th grade. High school opens the door to a STEM endorsement on a student’s diploma, career pathways into math fields, and class offerings that include many opportunities to earn college credit in Advanced Placement classes.
    Excellence in math has played a big part in Wylie ISD’s recent gains and accolades. Our teachers love their subject and are excited to share it with students as they continue their journey the Wylie Way!

Pre-Advanced Placement

    • 6th Grade Advanced, 7th Grade Pre-Algebra, Pre-AP Algebra 1, Pre-AP Geometry, Pre-AP Algebra 2, and Pre-AP Pre-Calculus use SpringBoard. SpringBoard is the College Board’s comprehensive instructional program for mathematics grades 6th – 12th.
    • 6th Grade and 7th Grade is accelerated to prepare students for Pre-AP Algebra 1.
    • For additional curriculum questions, please contact the learning specialist listed to the right for your child’s grade level.

Advanced Placement

    • Students have the opportunity to take AP courses, and potentially earn college credits in conjunction with their high school graduation requirements.
    • Wylie ISD currently offers AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC. These courses follow a syllabus approved by the College Board:
    • Exam Dates:
      • AP Statistics – May 5th
      • AP Calculus AB – May 9th
      • AP Calculus BC – May 9th

Textbooks & Resources

    • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (K – 6th grade)
      Password: Student's normal district password
    • SpringBoard (6th Advanced and Pre-AP math subjects through Pre-AP Pre-Calculus)
      Password: Student's normal district password
    • McGraw-Hill (6th – 8th grade and Pre-Calculus)
      Password: Student's normal district password
    • Google Apps
      Username: 1st three letters of last name +1st three letters of first name + last three numbers of student
      Password: Same password that students use to login to all computers in Wylie ISD.
    • Big Ideas (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2)
      Password: Student's normal district password
    • Cengage (AP Statistics and AP Calculus)
      Student Login Information TBA
    • Bedford Freeman and Worth (Math Models)
      Student Login Information TBA

Learning Specialists

  • Cindy Bogart
    Cindy Bogart
    Elementary Math Learning Specialist
    Stacey Brinkley
    Stacey Brinkley
    High School Math Learning Specialist
    Izzy Holley
    Izzy Holley
    Intermediate Math Learning Specialist
    Tracene Nechamkin
    Tracene Nechamkin
    Junior High Math Learning Specialist
    Jacque Prater
    Jacque Prater
    PreK-2 Math Learning Specialist

STAAR Test Information

    • 3rd-8th Grade Math
      May 10, 2022
    • Algebra 1
      May 3, 2022

Summer Enrichment