Public Forum Questions

  • Wylie ISD and the Wylie ISD Board of Trustees have received questions from community members during the public forum portion of board meetings concerning various topics. By law, board members cannot discuss non-agenda issues during a meeting. In our continuing effort for transparency and accountability, we are posting questions and answers for everyone in the community. Please note that some of the questions contain statements that are inaccurate.

Michael Schwerin (03/21/2022)

  • “We continue to increase the taxes and increase our tax rate bills. Not lowering it to match the inflationary rate of our property values. In fact, while we were sitting here, I did a quick calculation. Our 2018-2019 school year budget was $171M and this year, the current budget is $214M. That’s an increase of $43M, about a 25 percent growth." [continues in dropdown]

  • “I appreciate your questions and your concerns during the budget presentation and budget workshop, but I thought it was quite interesting to see that one focus was left out during the budget workshop questions. Not a one time was there ever a consideration for the taxpayers, for myself as a taxpayer, for every other taxpayer in this organization.”

Jessica Fourrier (03/21/2022)

  • “I’ve reached out to all of you on multiple occasions, I helped vote for some of you to get y’all into the seats that you are in, and yet, I can’t even get responses from you. You blame it on, ‘well everybody can’t talk to each other at the same time because there are all these rules.’ Even if I email one of you, you don’t email me back, or it’s some generic, ‘thanks for your email, we’ll get back to you soon,’ But you don’t.”

  • “If you think that’s not happening, look back at the emails I’ve sent or my husband has sent, or the other parents that are concerned have sent, and it’s very easy to see that there are no responses. If I’m getting a response from the lawyer, don’t even bother because he doesn’t know what’s going on and his responses are stupid.”

  • “I’ve gone to a pillar [D&I] meeting. I missed the last one, I wanted to go to that too. I don’t really see what the Diversity & Inclusion program… I still don’t get what we’re trying to do with that. It seems like a waste of money. And if we’re trying to cut money, then that should be cut out. Just forget about it because it’s not doing anything.”

  • “Then why can’t you be more like the [local] superintendent who has gone against the liberal parents, the ones that want lesbian and crazy books in the library, sexual books? They cut it out, got rid of them.”

Jill Palmer (02/28/2022)

  • “...In reading through the policy, it seems that the superintendent actually reports to the Board of Trustees. Yet the current behaviors and authoritative attitude from the said superintendent, it seems the Board of Trustees reports into you [the superintendent].”

Michael Schwerin (02/28/2022)

  • “As you’re going through the budgeting cycle this year, looking at the effective tax rate, the M&O rate, and looking at how we can do that [adopt an effective tax rate]...the City of Wylie did it with their funds [without affecting their services]. They’ve actually had an effective tax rate for many years, and it’s been successful. And I would encourage you to do that. And maybe then we can look at tackling the over $446 billion this school district has in debt, and that was as of 2019."

Randi Jackson (02/28/2022)

  • “Only local sources were used for the payment on the debt this year of just over $37 million. I don’t know any particular laws or regulations regarding what sources of funding are available or can be used to pay down debt but very interested to learn if anybody wants to reach out to me about that.”

  • “I did notice we paid over $5 million down on the debt this year than last year but was there any increase in the total debt from last year? If so, how much? I know it’s highly unlikely, growing at the rate that we are, that we can be debt-free. But I think I can speak for all of us that we want our district to be financially responsible and less debt is better. So, is there a way to manage the growth without perpetually increasing the debt?”

  • “Of the $170 million in the general fund, the local sources of revenue accounted for only 47.3 percent of the funding, which means the combined state and federal sources of revenue account for 52.7 percent of the funding. Only 1 percent of that is from federal sources, most is from the state." [continues in dropdown]

  • “When a $1M for third-grade Chromebooks, after a brief presentation and a few half-hearted questions, gets pushed through, the state testing does seem to be more important. What about 504 or other special-needs children that test better on paper?" [continued in dropdown]

Jarrett Erwin (01/24/2022)

  • “Why does this continue to happen [have meetings ‘behind closed doors and away from public meetings’]?”

  • “Why does the school board refuse to put important items that affect all of us on the agenda and discuss them in an open, honest, and transparent manner?”

  • “Why are all concerns directed to individual, one-on-one meetings? Is it so the answers can be tailored to the person asking the questions?”

  • “Why will the answers to our questions not be discussed openly?”

Jennifer Bradley (01/24/2022)

  • “Here we are nine months later and still asking 'what has been accomplished with D&I?'" [question continues in dropdown]

  • “Why have 17 teachers left the district?" [question continues in the dropdown]

  • “When will the school board start attending the D&I pillar meetings and holding the administration accountable about putting these meetings online?”

Michelle Gilliam (01/24/2022)

  • “Will you please post the answers to these on the school board page?”

  • “When are you going to put monitors in the bathrooms at schools so children can once again not feel awkward walking in on someone vaping marijuana or having sex in the stalls?”

  • “How will April Cunningham, Director of Communications, improve communication to the parents and taxpayers?”

  • “When will the school board vote to update policies that allow pornographic material? Where has the decency gone? Are you even aware of the sexually explicit books in our high school libraries?”

  • “When will an anti-bullying campaign become high priority again?”

  • “When will the superintendent start meeting with groups of parents instead of individuals?”

  • “When are you going to scrap this whole D&I program? When will it be openly discussed? Why are you, the school board, allowing this political program to be pushed out by the Superintendent? The community does NOT want a program that characterizes students by their race. Where is the transparency?”

  • “When will our time for public speaking return to 5 minutes?”

  • “When will important topics like these and others we have brought up be added to the agenda so the board can openly discuss?”

  • “When will the board start sharing their personal opinions instead of remaining silent?”

  • “Do you support the Texas Association of School Boards?”

  • “When is the district going to address having 200-300 high school students being stuck in the cafeteria during class time teaching themselves with one teacher because they have no classroom teachers or subs?”

Aleksandra Rolfson (01/24/2022)

  • “How is Wylie ISD measuring D&I’s effectiveness if there are no follow-up surveys?”

  • “When was the last time you held Mr. Vinson and Wylie ISD accountable? Example: I am president of the Riverchase gated HOA here in Wylie. On November 2, the transportation coordinator reached out to us asking for more remotes to get in our gates. Here we are January 24, bus drivers still don’t have remotes. Do any of you know anything about that? I highly doubt it.”

Jessica Fourrier (01/24/2022)

  • “I initially learned about two of them [books] and sent them to you, the board and Dr. Vinson, an email asking that they be removed from the libraries." [question continues in dropdown]

  • “Parents also should be notified when their kids are checking out books and what books they are checking out in the Wylie ISD libraries.”

Randi Jackson (11/15/2021)

  • “What, if any action, is the district independently taking on this [regarding possible inappropriate books in the library]?”

  • “There are some potential violations of the Texas Open Meetings Act. For example, consultation with legal counsel. Unless in a closed session, you are directly speaking about a current or pending litigation or settlement, that is not allowed to be listed on the executive session exemptions for the executive session. It goes the same for all the other exemptions.”

  • “I had no idea [that the Chew & Chats program falls under D&I]. That kind of information would help to build that bridge and bridge that divide and get that healing that the Board is feeling they want from the public.”

Michael Schwerin (11/15/2021)

  • “There are no agenda packets that we get to see unless we actually ask for it.”

  • “You’re not sending out information [regarding D&I stakeholder group meetings] and purposely keeping the parents and the community out of it by the way it’s been set up.”

  • “We’ve heard multiple times that Wylie ISD has not or never will do anything dealing with CRT, but yet we saw a picture of you all kneeling during a graduation ceremony and kneeling with the injustices, which again is part of CRT.”

  • “The cartoon assignment that was sent out home last year, who the personnel that was responsible for it, is still employed and working and teaching in the district and has made further comment about continuing to teach CRT language.”

  • “There are at least three books that we found in the libraries that I know of that have very inappropriate behavior, inappropriate themes for children.”