English, Language Arts & Reading

  • English Language Arts and Reading education in Wylie ISD provides all students with the foundation necessary to succeed in all academic areas through a balanced, integrated approach to literacy. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, and inquiry skills, as well as the strategies that support them, directly contribute to student success in a rapidly changing world.

    Students in every grade level experience authentic reading opportunities that connect with multiple genres, as well as authentic writing opportunities used to solve problems, explore issues, construct questions, and address inquiry. It is our goal to create lifelong readers and authentic writers!

STAAR Test Information

  • 3rd - 8th Grade Reading STAAR
    • May 11th
    • Students read passages and answer multiple choice questions.
    English I EOC
    • April 5th
    • Students read passages and answer multiple choice questions about reading as well as answer multiple choice questions about editing and revision. Students will also write an expository composition.
    English II EOC
    • April 7th
    • Students read passages and answer multiple choice questions about reading as well as answer multiple choice questions about editing and revision. Students will also write a persuasive composition.

Wylie ISD Curriculum

    • Wylie ISD uses TRS curriculum for all courses except Bible Literacy, Creative and Technical Writing, and Reading Strategies.
    • TEKS Resource System
    • For additional curriculum questions, please contact the learning specialist listed to the right for your child’s grade level.

Advanced Placement

    • Students have the opportunity to take AP courses, and potentially earn college credits in conjunction with their high school graduation requirements.
    • Wylie ISD currently offers AP English Literature and Composition, and AP English Language and Composition. These courses follow a syllabus approved by the College Board: https://www.collegeboard.org/
    • Exam Dates:
      • AP English Literature and Composition
        • May 4th
      • AP English Language and Composition
        • May 10th

Learning Specialists

  • Greg Gibson
    Greg Gibson
    Elementary ELAR Learning Specialist
    Kristi Williams
    Kristi Williams
    Elementary ELAR Learning Specialist
    Jessica Travis
    Jessica Travis
    Elementary ELAR Learning Specialist
    Tedra Ault
    Tedra Ault
    High School ELAR Learning Specialist
    Amy Winslow
    Amy Winslow
    Intermediate ELAR Learning Specialist
    Stacy Horton
    Stacy Horton
    Junior High ELAR Learning Specialist

Textbooks & Resources

    • Grades K-4 Fountas & Pinnell Classroom
    • Grades 5-8 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt & SpringBoard
    • Grades 9-12 Holt McDougal Literature for Texas
    • Grades 9-12 Prentice Hall Writing Coach
    • Grades 9-12 McGraw Hill Study Sync & Bedford, Freeman, & Worth
    • Grades K-12 Google Apps
      • Log in
        Username StudentID@wylieisd.net and Password will be the same password that students use to login to all computers in Wylie ISD.

Dual Credit Courses

  • In an effort to provide increased academic opportunities and promote college readiness for our students dual-credit courses are offered. This program will afford our junior and senior students the opportunity to take a multitude of courses that align directly with high school graduation requirements and basic level associate and bachelor degree plans, while offering them additional support and interventions to assist in the transition into college. Courses offered for ELAR are ENGL 1301- Composition and Rhetoric I, and ENGL 2327 – American Literature.

Summer Enrichment