• 2025


    Greetings to our Freshman Pirate Family!  Please visit our website for important information about freshman year and the "goings-on" in the counseling center. 



    • Check Skyward every day for grades
    • Speak with your teacher and attend tutorials
    • Attend Tuesday/Thursday school
    • Re-do assignments/exams below a 70. You must speak with your teacher first

    Helpful suggestions:

    • Make flashcards for vocabulary, frequency words, science terms, and more.
    • Review notes daily.
    • Turn in work on time.
    • Use a daily planner.
    • Keep organized by using folders and dividers.


    Students will be classified according to the number of credits earned:

              Freshmen:  0 to 5.5 credits earned

              Sophomore:  6.0 to 11.5 credits earned

              Junior:  12.0 to 17.5 credits earned

              Senior:  18.0 or more credits earned

     You will find this information and much more by visiting the WISD High School Academic Planning Guide:  https://www.wylieisd.net/Page/13376








    Khan Academy On-line tutorials:




    More Helpful Suggestions and Tips:

    On Campus Learning Tips




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    Junior High PowerPoint Presentation:

    Class of 2025-Intro



    Freshman Parent Info (sent via Skyward and Email on 8/31/2021):

    PIRATES 2025-Parent Info