Advanced U.S. History
    • Hello, my name is Ms. DeLeon! I graduated college from University of Texas at Dallas and started teaching in 2013 in Dallas ISD and then moved to Plano ISD. Last year, I taught abroad in Dubai. I am thrilled to become a part of the McMillan family! I moved to Wylie in 1999 and love this city! I am very passionate about teaching Advanced United States History and helping kids understand our nations past.  


      We are McMillan!

      Welcome to Advanced United States History!

      We will cover...

      Unit 1: Colonial America - Life in a New Land 1587 - 1763     

      Unit 2: American Independence - Restlessness to Rebellion 1763 - 1783

      Unit 3: Writing the Constitution - Creating a More Perfect Union 1783 - 1791

      Unit 4: Early Republic - Addressing Challenges 1789-1828

      Unit 5: Industrialization - Innovation 1800's - 1850's

      Unit 6: Age of Jackson- Democracy Expands 1820's - 1830's

      Unit 7: Westward Expansion - From Sea to Shining Sea 1780's - 1850's

      Unit 8: Reform - Innovation brings Change 1800's - 1850's

      Unit 9: Sectionalism & Civil War - The Endangered Union 1860-1865

      Unit 10: Reconstruction - Rebuilding the Union 1865 - 1877



      Specific Supplies Needed:

      6 colored folders WITH BRADS (pockets optional):   1 yellow,  1 red,  1 blue,  1 white,  1 green,  1 black

      Earbuds (for chromebooks)

    • Conference period

      My official conference & planning time is from 9:51am -10:41am  during 3rd period.

    • Social Studies STAAR Test  --  May 6, 2021


      Most assignments are available via GoogleClassroom. All students are enrolled in this virtual classroom and can access notes, power points, and web links for videos and resources. Students know how to get there and navigate the webtool. 

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      Advanced U.S. History    Coming soon!

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      Tutoring Times
       Monday                     3:30-4:15

      Tuesday   7:40-8:05   3:30-4:15

      Wednesday                3:30-4:15 (unless a faculty/leadership meeting)

      Thursday                   3:30-4:15

      Friday      no tutorials