Dyslexia Intervention

  • Three types of instruction are implemented:

    Students identified as having dyslexia in grades 2 – 12 are served with one of the following interventions (all of which meet the descriptors according to the State of Texas Dyslexia Procedures Handbook):

    • Early intervention interventions for grades K-1 include Rite Flight, Lexia or other research-based interventions for Phonological Awareness.
    • Alpha-phonics (grades 2 – 6)
    • Language Science (grades 7 – 12)

    The research-based curriculum used in grades 2-12 is Take Flight (Texas Scottish Rite Hospital) or Phonics Blitz (Really Great Reading)

    Schedule of classes:

    • Approximately 6 students per class
    • Scheduled 45 min. to 1 hour per day, 5 days per week
    • Elementary program is a "pull-out" situation
    • Secondary program is a scheduled class - reading or elective.
    • Early Intervention Programs are implemented by campus & student need.

    Time line for instruction

    • Early Intervention Programs are generally for the duration of K and 1st grade, as long as needed by the student.
    • Alpha-phonics is usually completed in 3 - 4 years.
    • Language Science can usually be completed in 3 years.

    The major instructional strategies used in the Dyslexia Program in Wylie ISD utilize individualized, intensive, multisensory methods, containing writing and spelling components, and include the following descriptors:

    • Graphophonemic Knowledge - explicit, synthetic, and analytic phonics
    • Linguistic - patterns of language
    • Meaning based - purposeful reading and writing
    • Multisensory - simultaneous use of more than one sensory pathway
    • Phonemic Awareness - detect, segment, blend, and manipulate sounds in spoken language
    • Process Oriented - decoding & encoding which lead to word recognition, fluency, and comprehension
    • Language Structure - morphology, semantics, syntax, and pragmatics
    • Explicit and Direct Instruction - systematic, sequential, and cumulative
    • Individualized Instruction - small group instruction to meet the needs of individual students
    • Intensive, Highly Concentrated Instruction - containing components of Instruction mandated in 19 TAC §74.28