School Supply Lists

  • In addition to being able to pre-purchase school supplies via the PTA fundraiser at the end of the previous school year, we are proud to offer our school supplies through TeacherLists this year. This not only gives you a clear list of needed supplies by school and grade level, it also makes it easy to order your supplies via select online providers with as little as one click. To purchase from your preferred online retailer, simply, click the store icon and the list will be added to your shopping cart. Out of stock and unavailable items will be noted as well. School supply lists for the campuses are shown below. We will post additional lists as they are available.

Elementary Schools

  • Akin Elementary

  • Birmingham Elementary

  • Bush Elementary

  • Cox Elementary

  • Dodd Elementary

  • Groves Elementary

  • Hartman Elementary

  • Smith Elementary

  • Tibbals Elementary

  • Watkins Elementary

  • Whitt Elementary

Intermediate Schools

  • Davis Intermediate

  • Draper Intermediate

  • Harrison Intermediate

Other Campuses

  • Junior High Campuses (Burnett, Cooper & McMillan)

    All Junior high campuses will use the same base list. Additional/specialty supplies may be requested during the first few weeks of school and throughout the school year.

    Junior High School Supply List

    High School Campuses (Wylie High, Wylie East & Achieve Academy)

    None of the high campuses post a standard school supply list. Teachers will alert students of any needed supplies or resources during the first few weeks of school. Additional/specialty supplies may be requested throughout the school year.