2021-22 Dress Code Update Examples

  • These photos only represent the changes for the 2021-22 school year. The full dress code is available using the links on the left.

    Jeans and khakis of all colors

    Female student in a floral print top and brown pants.
    Male student in a sweatshirt over a tshirt wearing orange shorts.
    Female student in a button down shirt wearing green pants.

    Patterned and striped polos and collared shirts

    Female student wearing a black button down shirt with palm tree polka dots and black pants.
    Female student wearing a beige button down sweater over a black collared shirt and jeans.
    Male student wearing a blue and red patterned button down shirt and red shorts.

    T-Shirts under sweaters, sweatshirts and hoodies

    Female student wearing a maroon sweatshirt over a blue t-shirt and distressed jeans.