Public Forum Guidelines

  • The Wylie ISD Board of Trustees welcomes those who wish to provide public comment on matters related to the district. Time is allotted at each regular meeting for this purpose. We ask that you please review the policies and procedures that govern our meetings.

    Audience participation at a Wylie ISD Board meeting is limited to the portion of the meeting designated to receive public comment. The audience shall not enter into discussion or debate on matters being considered by the Board during a board meeting. The trustees may not respond to items not listed on the agenda, but will in every way possible make sure your concerns are reviewed, and if necessary, call for an agenda item related to the concern at a future meeting.

    Individuals who wish to participate during the portion of the meeting designated for public comment must sign up on the audience participation sheet outside the boardroom on the night the meeting is held. The individual wishing to speak shall indicate the item on which they wish to address the Board.

    Regular Monthly Board Meetings

    At regular Board meetings, the Board shall permit public comment, regardless of whether the topic is an item on the agenda posted with notice of the meeting. If wishing to speak about an agenda item, the individual shall indicate the agenda item on which they wish to address the Board.

    Allotted Time

    The presiding officer may adjust public comment procedures, including adjusting when public comment will occur during the meeting, reordering agenda items, deferring public comment on non-agenda items, continuing agenda items to a later meeting, providing an expanded opportunity for public comment, or establishing an overall time limit for public comment and adjusting the time allotted to each speaker. However, no individual shall be given less than one minute to make comments. [Board Policy - BED(LOCAL)]

    Executive Session

    State law strictly governs which types of items can be addressed in a closed executive session of a public meeting. In general, they are limited to meeting with their attorney on litigation or a settlement offer; deliberating personnel matters; deliberating the purchase or lease of property; discussing certain financial contract negotiations; or discussing deployment of security devices, real estate transactions, personnel issues, or legal issues. Any action taken as a result of an executive session is posted on the meeting agenda and voted on in the open session.

    We are Always Listening

    We want to ensure everyone is aware of the many avenues available to reach out to the board and administration. In addition to the public comment portion of board meetings, we provide contact information for board members on the district website. You do not have to wait for a board meeting to get in touch with us to express an opinion or raise a concern.

    If you are interested in a specific topic or issue, you can participate in one of the many advisory groups that have been established to assist in setting district policies. For example, there are advisory boards for our dress code, a district improvement committee, and specially formed committees as needed. We also urge interested parents to participate in the PTA at their children’s school.

    Staff and board members are part of the community and meet with interested citizens on a regular basis. We are mindful that state law strictly governs the structure of meetings that involve a quorum of board members.

    Finally, if you are interested in a specific issue or have questions, the most effective way to reach us is in writing. Information provided to board members is shared with the administration and all board members are kept apprised of issues.


Public Forum FAQ

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