Setup Self-Service Password Reset

  • The Wylie ISD technology department is making a change to how staff and students in grades 5-12 manage their passwords.  Currently, when staff or students forget their passwords, they must find specific staff members who can reset their passwords. If the staff member or student is not on-campus, then they are unable to sign in until they can meet with that password-reset person. This is especially troublesome over the summer.

    Implement Microsoft’s self-service password reset tool.

    Beginning Tuesday, April 27, when staff and students in grades five through 12 log into their accounts they will be prompted to provide information to enable their accounts for self-service password resets. Simply follow the prompts and provide the required information. Once complete with this one-time process, these staff and students in grades five through 12 can reset their own passwords as needed.

    Step 1:
    Upon sign-in, you will be presented with this dialog box. Click Next.

    More Info required

    Step 2:
    Select one or all of the options to set up. You must select at least one option.

    Don't lose access to your account  

    Step 3:
    If you select Security Questions, you will be presented with 15 questions from which to choose. Select three to which you will remember the answers, which you will provide.

     Security Questions  

    Step 4:
    Once you finish setting up all the authentication options you want (Phone, Questions, etc.), that’s it! You’re finished!