Public Forum Questions

  • Recently a Wylie resident presented a list of questions concerning various topics to members of our school board. By law, board members cannot discuss non-agenda issues during a meeting. In our continuing effort for transparency and accountability, we are posting the questions and answers for everyone in the community. Please note that some of the questions contain statements that are inaccurate.

Diversity and Inclusion Questions

  • "What culture is Wylie ISD planning to create?"

  • "Who approved this new 'culture' that has been decided will be taught to our children?"

  • "Why is this being decided without gathering input from parents? If input is being gathered from parents, what methods have been used to gather this, and how were those parents selected?"

  • "How do you as a trustee feel about political material from the radical left being used as a foundation for this program, and for teacher's conversations with students?"

  • "Did the school board openly vote on implementing this new program? If not, why is this new program being discussed behind closed doors?"

  • "The program director said that a survey given to parents last summer is driving the direction of the program. I have asked for this data for more than 3 months and have yet to speak to a parent who has even received the survey. Why was this survey not given to all parents? When will the data from this survey be shared?"

  • "When will it be shared?"

  • "How much of the budget is being allocated to the support of this program for things like consultants, travel expenses, conferences, and new positions?"

Curriculum Questions

  • "Why are Wylie ISD teachers allowed to push their personal political beliefs onto our children with no consequences?"

  • "When teachers blatantly disregard sticking to approved teaching material, why are they often not held accountable?"

  • "What has Wylie ISD administration learned from the national controversy comparing the police to the KKK? How have these learnings impacted or changed the policies & procedures that teachers must follow? What exactly is Wylie ISD doing to make sure this doesn't happen again?"

  • "Why were these changes not applied to my child's teacher?"

  • "Why are the elected trustees being advised by the school attorney not to talk directly to parents about their concerns and topics already discussed in an open meeting?"

  • "Why has the school board not enabled the community to be kept informed by adding a means to sign up for notifications regarding the school board meetings on the ISD website? This is in place for Wylie City Council meetings. What will the school board commit to, to ensure the community is kept informed on these meetings?"

  • "What is the process of getting the board to acknowledge and vote on requests for changes to some of the current board policies and procedures? How should the community bring these requested changes to the board?"

  • We hope that this information has been helpful. We make our best decisions as a community and school district when all the facts are on the table and misinformation is corrected. We are proud of our students, faculty, and staff who have worked extremely hard during these challenging times. We look forward to hearing from our citizens and to answering their questions.