• Interested in Reviewing Grants for Teachers Applications?

    Wylie ISD Education Foundation (WEF) has a vision to support enhanced educational opportunities for Wylie Independent School District. Grants for Teachers is our most significant program that encourages creativity among educators by supporting unique growth opportunities and providing resources for innovative teaching ideas. Grants for Teachers promote student development and excellence through enrichment programs and activities.

    You can help this initiative by volunteering to be a member of the Grant Review Committee. This unique opportunity lets the community of Wylie ISD be directly involved in the selection of Grants for Teachers. 

    July – September: educators submit applications.

    September: Registration for Grant Review Committee opens

    September: Principals, Curriculum & Instruction, Technology, and Purchasing approve applications. Registration for Grant Review Committee closes.

    October: Reviewers evaluate applications.

    November: Staff prepare for award distribution and volunteers parade to campuses in celebration.



    Reviewer signups are curretly closed. Thank you for your interest!