Guidelines for Wylie ISD Vehicle Requests

  • School Bus Transportation requests for academic field trips or athletic events are scheduled through your campus secretary using InfoFinder software. Contact Jessie Murphy at or 972.429.2316 for additional assistance.

    On school days, buses are not available for campus trips until 9:00 AM and trips must end with students returned to the campus by 2:00 PM. Buses are available at any time, on request, for district coaches who are qualified to drive a bus in support of athletic events. Transportation drivers will not be available before 5:00 PM on school days to support evening athletic events. Requests for transportation support should be made at least 10 business days in advance.

    Each campus is responsible for keeping a roster of students riding in each district vehicle during all trips. A copy of these rosters should be left at the campus during the trip and available for immediate use.

    An adult chaperon from the requesting campus will ride on each district vehicle during all trips. The campus chaperon is responsible for maintaining order and discipline on the vehicle during the trip.

    Campuses will be charged $4.00 per mile for use of a district bus with a driver from transportation. District coaches who are qualified to drive a bus can do so for athletic events only and will receive $40 per trip. No one is paid to drive a district Suburban and drivers are not provided. A $.75 per mile fee is charged for use of a Suburban.

    Thank you for your cooperation
    Wylie ISD Transportation Department