Campus Liaisons

  • Campus Liaisons

    On every campus in Wylie, we now have a Diversity and Inclusion Liaison. The liaisons are people magnets; they are people that students and educators can go to for any D&I need. Some of the key roles that our D&I Liaisons play are:

    • Relationship building
    • Recognizing and celebrating the diversity on each campus
    • Helping funnel questions, thoughts, and concerns in the right direction

    Our overarching goal is to advance a climate that fosters inclusion excellence, and one of the ways that we do this is by recognizing, centering, and celebrating the diversity of cultures, races, and ethnicities in our school and community. Our liaisons are here to help with that.

    If you are experiencing issues of bullying, discrimination, or harassment, we have tools built-in and in place to protect you and to help you.

    You can file a bully report or a discrimination and harassment report by visiting our Bullying webpage. You can also report discipline issues and concerns with your teachers and principals, and your counselors are here to assist you as well.

    We are working hard to provide happy, hopeful, and engaged students and teachers by leveraging our diversity and inclusion efforts!

    To see the full list of our campus D&I Liaisons, please consult this Google document.