• Welcome to 8th Grade Science!

    In this class, students will learn all about our wonderful planet and how it works.  We will discover the elements of space, our place in the universe, rapid and gradual changes to the earth's landforms and atmosphere, the interdependance of all living and nonliving things, the physics of how things work, and chemistry.  



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Katherine Nieto-Whittaker

My name is Katherine Nieto-Whittaker.  I have a wonderful husband and two extraordinary sons. I was raised in a military family, my father a second generation Air Force pilot.  We lived all over the world, my favorite place being Europe.  While attending high school in Belgium, I began working as a swimming instructor.  My enthusiasm for teaching led me to positions working for the Child Development Center as a group swimming instructor, as a private instructor, and as an assistance coach to the Swim Team.  

Teaching was not my first career.  After graduating college with a degree in Business, I worked in billboard advertising and sales in Dallas until I was given an opportunity as a General Manager for a bakery.  The bakery business quickly became my passion.  After moving farther into the city, I was hired as the Corporate Training Coordinator at LaMadeline. November 2010, when my first son was born, that I decided I wanted a career change.  With my background in training and development and my love for children, education was an easy choice.  I went back to school for my Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies followed by my Masters in Biology Education. I am currently enrolled in an EdD program for my Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Since becoming a teacher in 2013, I have taught elementary, middle and high school.  I am passionate about teaching, and I love my students. 

To view current information about my class, including tutorials, calendars, and study material, visit my classroom website link.