• Welcome to the Wylie East Robotics & Engineering Program! Myself, along with Mr. Vernon Gibson, are the teachers for this program and will guide you through the Engineering & Robotics pathways during your time at East. Our current course offerings include:

    1st Year:

    • Principles of Applied Engineering 

    2nd Year: 

    • Introduction to Engineering Design


    • Civil Engineering & Architecture


    • Robotics I

    3rd Year/4th Year: 

    • Engineering Science


    • Robotics II or III


    • Engineering Design & Problem Solving (eligible for college credit)


    • Civil Engineering & Architecture


    Tutorials are offered on Wednesdays during both lunches or by appointment. All assignments, class notes, due dates, etc. are found in Google Classroom. Parents are encouraged to join as well. I encourage students and parents to check Skyward at least weekly to look for any missing assignments or any mistakes that I may have made. If you need assistance with any of those apps, please reach out, and I will be happy to help you set them up.


    For anything related to grades or assignments, I encourage students to advocate for themselves by talking with me to work it out. Parents are encouraged to reach out with any other concerns or things they need to discuss at any time! My schedule is as follows: 


    9:00-9:50: Principles of Applied Engineering

    9:55-10:50: Civil Engineering and Architecture

    10:55-11:45: Engineering Design and Problem Solving

    11:50-12:35: Principles of Applied Engineering

    1:45-2:30: Robotics II

    2:35-3:25: Principles of Applied Engineering

    3:25-4:20: Planning Period