• Welcome to Miss Graber's Third Grade Class!

    My name is Stephanie Graber, and teaching is one of my biggest passions. In our class, we will be challenged to rise to new levels of thinking and doing through rigorous reading and writing instruction. I love implementing new and exciting teaching strategies to get the kids excited and intrinsically motivated about learning. Feel free to ask me about what we are doing in class, or keep up with what your child is learning by joining our class Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/groups/1155380988170550/

     Our Class Homework Policy

    Your student will recive homework each Friday afternoon that will be due the following Friday. It will come home in a black Wylie folder, and include a reading passage that is ON LEVEL for your child, in addition to a nightly menu that includes skills we are working on in class for your child to complete. In addition to this homework, please make sure you are reading with your child for at least 20 minutes each night when possible. Third grade is a big growth year, and students will be expected to increase their reading stamina as they prepare for unit tests and STAAR.



    Q: Will my student have spelling words to memorize each week?

    A: In third grade we do not have weekly spelling tests, However, each week in class we will be working on grade-level grammar rules in class. Please refer to the list of grade-level words in their take-home folder if you would like to practice with them at home.

    Q: Do third graders take the STAAR?

    A: Yes! This will be their first year of STAAR testing, and it will take place in the spring. To help your child prepare for this test, work with them on building their reading and writing stamina by having them read and write at home for a set amount of time.

    Q: Do third graders switch classes?

    A: Yes, my fantastic teaching partner Sarah Lopez will be working with your student for math and science. See class schedule for more information