Fine Arts, Athletics, and CTE Participation

  • Guidelines and Information for Remote Learners Who Choose to Participate in Fine Arts, Athletics, and CTE Courses on Campus

    Students in grades 7-12 who select Remote Learning may choose to participate in their Fine Arts, Athletics, and CTE courses on campus. For Junior High Athletics this option is only available for athletes when their sport is in-season. This option is not available to students in 6th grade, as those classes are only 35-37 minutes in length. All 6th-grade Remote Learning students will participate in their courses remotely.

    • Teachers will poll their remote learners prior to each term to determine who would prefer to participate “on campus” for their course.
    • Students will be required to complete the required online district safety self-screening survey weekly prior to participation on campus.
    • Students will be required to complete the daily health self-screening protocol prior to participation on campus.
    • Students who choose this option are committing to 9-weeks of on campus participation in their Fine Arts, Athletics, or CTE course.
      • Students who commit to this option will also be committing to participate in all before/after school and extracurricular activities associated with this course.
      • Transportation will not be provided.
        • Students will leave their Remote Learning course 10 minutes before it concludes in order to arrive at their On-Campus course on time.
        • Students will leave their On-Campus course 10 minutes early in order to be back online for their next Remote Learning course on time.
      • Attendance for their On-Campus course will be based upon their on campus participation.
        • If the student is not present on campus for the course, then they will be counted absent.
        • Students do not have the option to attend the course remotely if they have selected to participate on campus for that term.
      • Entry and Exit to the building will be arranged by the teacher in conjunction with building administration.