Employee Leave and Absences

  • Understanding employee leave and absences can get confusing at times and we hope you find the information below useful in answering your questions.  Please feel free to call us or come by our offices so we can clarify any questions you may have in regards to employee leave and absences.

    All full time employees will earn 5 days local leave and 5 days state personal leave each school year if starting at the beginning of the school year. Employees hired after the start of the school year will receive a lesser number of days depending on total contract days for the remainder of the year. Local leave and State personal days can be used for any reason following approval from your principal/supervisor.

    Please refer to the information and instructions below for requesting Maternity Leave, Extended Sick Leave, Temporary Disability or days from the Sick Leave Bank. Please contact the Risk Management Department at 972.429.3038 if you need to be off more than 5 consecutive days due to illness, surgery or temporary disability.