Elementary Music

  • Elementary School: Kindergarten - 4th Grade

    The goal of the Wylie ISD music program at the elementary level is musical literacy. Students are engaged in a variety of activities where they listen to music of the highest quality and sing, move, and perform a rich mixture of folk, seasonal, and patriotic music. Each music classroom contains a variety of instrument for the students' use.

    Many of the teachers use the techniques of Zoltan Kodaly and Carl Orff which further enable the students to successfully perform independently and in groups. Students are provided the opportunity to perform in grade-level programs during the school year. Most campuses have an Honor Choir that performs several times per year on campus and throughout the community.

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    Akin Elementary
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    Birmingham Elementary
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    Bush Elementary
    Twitter: @MusicMaldonado

    Cox Elementary
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    Dodd Elementary:
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    Hartman Elementary
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    Smith Elementary
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    Tibbals Elementary
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    Watkins Elementary
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    Whitt Elementary
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    Akin Elementary
    Suzanne Vogt
    Akin Elementary Music
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    Birmingham Elementary
    Deanna Aaron
    Birmingham Elementary Music
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    Bush Elementary
    Leilany Maldonado
    Bush Elementary Music
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    Cox Elementary
    Miranda Phillips
    Cox Elementary Music
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    Dodd Elementary
    Taylor Hennig
    Dodd Elementary Music
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    Groves Elementary
    Alana Arias
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    Hartman Elementary
    Erin Parker-Atkins
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    Smith Elementary
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    Tibbals Elementary
    Jami Brown
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    Watkins Elementary
    Amy Burnside
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    Whitt Elementary
    Kelly Haley-Silber
    Whitt Elementary Music
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