The Pivot Plan for Temporary School Closure

  • Pivot Plan Multiple systems are being put in place so that Wylie ISD can continue to deliver instructional content in case of school closure. TEA requires that each school district be prepared for intermittent closures throughout the 2020-2021 school year. Should the governor of Texas require a temporary school closure, the following pivot plan would be followed.


    • Registrars will be updating parent email at the beginning of the year in Skyward.
    • Principals will begin communicating weekly information to parents via Skyward, the same information can be replicated using other communication tools as well.
    • Teachers will email weekly communication to parents and students with a summary of what students will be learning that week, assignments, projects, and upcoming assessments.

    Instructional Delivery

    • All teachers set up their Google Classroom to be prepared for the first day of school.
    • When school begins, teachers will show On-Campus students how to use Google Classroom to get weekly announcements, assignments, and how to turn in assignments. Teachers will also train students on how to use Google Meets.
    • Special services and support services such as Dyslexia and reading intervention continue to support students at the same time daily through Google Meets.
    • During school closure, teachers will provide daily live instruction from their classrooms as if students were in class on campus.
    • All 5th-12th grade students will take home their designated Chromebook.
    • In case of school closure, elementary students would need to check out Chromebooks from their home campus.

    Curriculum during Closure

    • Wylie ISD will follow the regular scope and sequence of our curriculum.

    School Schedules during Closure

    • Teacher and student daily schedules would remain the same regardless of whether the instruction takes place on campus or online. For example, if a student has math at 9:15 on a regular school day, math will continue to be at 9:15 during school closure. 
    • Teachers would not have to keep students online the entire class period, but need to check on students and remain available for questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do parents commit to an instructional model of choice for their child?