Remote Learning

  • Remote Learning


    Remote learning refers to students and parents who have made a commitment to participating in learning from home or another location. Remote Learning will have rigorous standards and highly structured schedules. Students in Remote Learning will be held to the Wylie ISD Grading Procedures.

    Students will remain at home and will engage in learning activities that are primarily delivered through Google classroom. Live, teacher-led instruction and peer collaboration will be scheduled throughout the day to expand students’ opportunities to engage with content and interact with teachers and classmates. Daily student participation in the learning activities will be required. Instructional time will also be dedicated to independent learning activities. A structured schedule will be provided to students, indicating required times for participation in live instruction. Remote Learning will be designed for mastery of student learning outcomes based on the academic standards called the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for each content area.

    • available for students in prekindergarten through grade 12
    • student participation required 5 full days per week
    • live, teacher-led instruction and asynchronous learning
    • instruction provided by Wylie ISD teachers
    • instruction in core content and elective areas
    • district curriculum, unit sequencing and pacing of instruction
    • social-emotional support
    • accommodations and support services provided
    • devices available for Internet access, if needed
    • district Chromebook provided, if needed
    • access to specialized courses and activities on campus, as applicable
    • access to virtual extracurricular activities and events, as applicable

    Synchronous Instruction Grades 3-12

    Synchronous instruction means that all students in a class will be required to log into lessons daily at specific times. This type of instruction is very similar to a typical school schedule, however the student is participating remotely. Students must be logged in at the teacher’s official attendance time to be marked as present for the day.

    Example: Live interactive classes with students & teachers participating real-time, teacher-supported work time on video conference calls, scheduled and timed online tests

    Wylie ISD classrooms are being outfitted with a new camera system that will be used to stream live teaching from the classroom to students via google meets. The selected cameras and lapel microphones are compatible with current Wylie ISD teacher laptops. These video cameras track teacher movement and can be set to zoom to individual areas of the whiteboard or classroom. All Wylie ISD teachers will be trained on the camera and microphone system. There are currently 100 units ordered, and installation will begin with teachers selected for Remote Learning. In both Remote Learning and Pivot Plan scenarios, teachers will be expected to provide daily, live instruction from their classrooms.

    Asynchronous Instruction Grades PK-2

    Asynchronous learning means that students will spend some time in required daily lessons, but will also have some time off of the computer to work on hands-on activities assigned by their teacher. Students must be engaged online to be marked as present for the day.

    Being engaged online daily is any one of these three options:

    1. Sufficient progress made in Google classroom for that day
    2. Sufficient progress from teacher/student interactions made that day
    3. Turn in assignments that day

    Examples: Self-paced online courses with intermittent teacher instruction, pre-assigned work with formative assessments on paper or in google classroom, watching pre-recorded videos of instruction with guided support

    Procedures for Enrolling in Remote Learning

    Campus counselors and registrars will be part of the process for parents and students enrolling in Remote Learning. Online sections of courses in Skyward will need to be created for grading and attendance purposes. Students will remain coded to their home campus and be considered students of that campus, even while participating in Remote Learning.

    Families may choose to have their student(s) participate in Remote Learning during the 2020-2021 school year. Families will make the commitment for an entire grading period. All families that will be participating in Remote Learning will attend an appropriately socially-distanced orientation meeting to meet their teacher, become familiar with procedures and expectations, and to check out technology.

    At the end of the grading term, families can determine whether they will continue with Remote Learning or return to On Campus Learning. Campus counselors or registrars will begin contacting Remote Learning families 10 days before the end of the grading period to determine if they are continuing with Remote Learning or returning to campus. Families who do not respond during this 10-day window will remain in their current setting for the next grading period.

    Illness- or Exposure-Induced Remote Learning - families who experience a case of COVID-19 in their home will be required to self-isolate. Families impacted by self-isolation or quarantine will be enrolled in Remote Learning until it is safe for them to return to school. These students will not be required to wait until the end of the grading term to return to school.

    Remote learning is a partnership between the school district and the family to ensure that students are learning while at home. Parents will commit to providing a learning environment at home that supports student success. Teachers will be the primary provider of instruction in any remote setting. All families will be required to sign and return the Remote Learning Family Agreement and follow the commitments outlined in that document.

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