Special Education



  • Can my child still be referred for a special education evaluation?

  • How do I give consent for a special education evaluation?

  • How will Special Education evaluations be completed if my child is participating in Remote Learning?

  • What if I do not want to bring my child to an On Campus assessment?

  • How can I participate in my child’s ARD meeting?


  • How will Remote Learning for Special Education be different in 2020-2021 compared to what Wylie ISD offered in the spring of 2020?

  • What will my student’s IEP look like if I select Remote Learning?

  • What if I decide to change to Remote Learning during the school year or the campus is forced to close due to COVID-19?

Services & Supports

  • How will students who receive Remote Learning receive Related/Support Services?

  • How will student specific adaptive equipment, communication devices, assistive technology, and/or accommodations be provided in Remote Learning?

  • Can students still attend walk-In Speech Therapy?

  • How will inclusion support be implemented through Remote Learning?

  • How will special education students who are accessing an alternate curriculum be instructed through Remote Learning?

  • How are vision and hearing services going to be provided during the Remote Learning instruction?

  • Can I access behavior support for my child at home during the Remote Learning option?

  • Will Wylie ISD provide support for parents of students in special education during Remote Learning?

Considerations for On Campus vs. Remote Learning

  • When making your decision, you might consider the following: