Safety and Health Information

  • Wylie ISD will comply with all health and safety recommendations established by the Governor, the health department, and the Texas Education Agency. Safety and health measures may be adjusted based on current guidelines and conditions. Our focus is always on the safety and well-being of our families, educators, and staff.

    • Increased signage around campuses promoting disease mitigation
    • Increased cleaning and sanitation practices (daily)
    • Frequent reminders and signage of hand washing
    • Frequent reminders and signage of social distancing
    • In accordance with Texas Education Agency (TEA) guidelines, face masks are required.
    • Additional screening/protocols may be added at each campus.

    Please visit our Health & Safety section for more informative videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if a student or a teacher tests positive for covid-19? Will the entire classroom have to quarantine? What if multiple classrooms and students/staff are impacted? Will students be able to participate in at-home learning during the quarantine?

  • What measures will be in place to ensure a safe environment?

  • Will health and safety training be provided to all employees?

  • How many students will be assigned to each classroom?

  • How will social distancing be promoted?

  • What precautions will be in place for athletics, fine arts and other extracurricular activities?

  • Will students have recess or be allowed to play and socialize with other students?

  • What happens if my child’s campus or classroom is temporarily closed during the school year?

  • Will cafeterias be opened and school lunches served?

  • What safety protocols will be used on the bus?

  • Will students in grades 7-12 be able to participate in activities such as clubs and organization meetings?