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Troy and Cheree’ Bontrager Scholarship Fund

The Troy and Cheree’ Bontrager Scholarship Fund 

Troy and Cheree’ Bontrager are honored to contribute to a scholarship for eligible Wylie Independent School District graduating seniors.  Both Troy and Cheree’ are graduates of Wylie High School.  They have a son who graduated from Wylie High School in 2011 and daughter who will be a 2024 graduate of Wylie High School.  The Bontrager’s have experienced, first hand, the positive, life changing impact WISD has on students and wish to fund this scholarship annually to impact current and future WISD students. 

This scholarship was put in place to assist students who have experienced hardships but demonstrated resilience and bravery in the face of difficult times. Life can often bring uncertainty and trying times.  Bravery in the face of resiliency is about overcoming life’s challenges and being the best person we can be regardless of our situation. 

Troy and Cheree’ both attended high school in the early 1990s and were fortunate to have amazing school leaders who were caring and compassionate about making sure students not only received the best education but learned “The Wylie Way” before the term was officially coined.  Troy and Cheree’ learned the value of hard work, diligence and dedication from leaders at WISD such as Jon Peters, Phillip Wilbanks, Ann Duncan,  Joe Pearce and many more.    These valuable lessons have also been part of the education received by their children. 

For Troy, a 1993 graduate of Wylie High School, the tactical lessons he learned on the football field were applicable on and off the the field.  He continues to reflect back on the valuable lessons of leadership, responsibility and perseverance taught by his coaches.  Troy currently has a successful career in sales and holds a Master’s degree in business management.   He attributes his success to the dedication of leaders from WISD. 

Cheree’, a 1995 graduate of Wylie High School, faced adversity and challenges throughout childhood after her father passed away from cancer when she was nine years old.  During high school, Cheree’ became pregnant.  The WISD system and teachers did not give up on her and encouraged her to put forth her best efforts despite being a teen parent.   When her senior year approached, school counselors encouraged her to apply for scholarships offered by local associations and businesses and she was awarded three scholarships!  Cheree' obtained her Associate’s degree from Collin College with the scholarships.  She went on to obtain a Bachelor’s degree and ultimately a Master’s degree from SMU in dispute resolution.  If not for the support of WISD leaders and local scholarships, Cheree’ would not have received an education beyond high school.  The scholarships from Wylie Education Foundation literally changed her life and she is eternally grateful.