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Nancy and Clyde Parker Family Endowment

Clyde Parker began laying down roots in Wylie during the 1940s with his beloved wife Nancy Hillis. Immediately following high school, Clyde served in the army during WWII while Nancy went straight to work in Wylie. Upon his return, they decided that Wylie was the perfect place to raise a family. Clyde opened Wylie Hardware and Nancy eventually started a career at First State Bank of Wylie. They raised two sons with strong values surrounding education. They instilled in them the importance of what they believed a higher education could offer and enabled them both to go to college, an opportunity neither of them were afforded.

This strong foundation has trickled down the family tree and continues to shape the ideals that their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren all hold today. Their two boys, three of their granddaughters, and four of their great grandchildren will have all experienced the gift of a Wylie education; and with hard work and dedication, both sons and all of their grandchildren have gone on to college.

The Parker family would like to extend this opportunity to other children in the Wylie community. Through this endowment, it is our hope that children from diverse backgrounds with varied strengths and interests will have the opportunity to continue their education without the additional stress of a financial burden. We believe all children should have access to the tools to help shape their own future. We hope that it will ultimately enable them to in turn give back to their own communities and continue this positive cycle for generations to come.