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Dr. Renee Truncale Memorial

For 34 years, Dr. Renée Truncale dedicated herself to the education of children and her teams of teachers. As a Principal of Akin Elementary, Cox Elementary and Director of Special Services in the Wylie Independent School District, Dr. Truncale made a possitive impact on thousands of young lives.

Battling with Cancer on and off for 18 of her 22 years while at Wylie ISD, Dr. Truncale never let anything stand in her way of showing up to work with a positive attitude and steadfast will to help others be the best that they could be. Her passion for her students was so strong, the day before she passed she was thinking of her students and said, “I wish I had more time to work with my kids.”

The Truncale family hopes that this scholarship memorial helps students fight the good fight no matter what stands in their way, to be the best student that they can be.