Highlights of the October 9, 2019 Meeting

    • Our speakers arrived early. Scott Winn - Assistant Superintendent, Candy Noble – State Representative District 89 and Ian Halperin – Executive Director of Communications/Community Relations.
    • Candy Noble, State Representative District 89, reported on her freshman year at the capitol, receiving her committee assignments, authoring 7 bills, getting 5 of those bills passed, building relationship with other legislators and doing her homework to the wee hours. She was pleased about the education bills that passed affecting future and current retirees
    • Scott Winn, Assistant Superintendent, and Ian Halperin, Executive Director Communications/Community Relations, tag teamed speaking on the branding of WISD with its new website and logo (lower right corner of the picture). They also spoke of the “Every Seat Has a Story” program that identifies and supports students who may otherwise fall through the cracks.  Through this program 130 students graduated last year that would have normally dropped out of school.
    • Meeting is adjourned, and Lunch is ready.  Time to eat and visit with each other. Always a good time.