- RETURN IT -

    Students with overdue books won't be able to check out more books until the book is returned.  Once the materials are returned there will be no money collected. 




    Money will only be collected for damaged or lost books. Payments can be made in cash or check at Davis Intermediate School or online at this website.


    If money is an issue, students can donate school supplies (i.e. Kleenex, glue, pencils) in the monetary value of the book or work in the library from 7:45 to 8:05 AM for several mornings to “work off” the fine. For these options, please send your student in to conference with me about their choice.



    From the Wylie ISD Library Media Services Policy Manual:

    Collecting Lost/Damaged book fines

      • Payment for book replacement may be made by cash or check (made out to the school). Library Staff will complete payment in Destiny, provide a copy of the receipt to the parent/child, and give funds to campus secretary to deposit. The funds will go back into the 199 Book Budget, so be sure to spend that amount on a replacement before the year's budget closes.
      • It is the campus library staff discretion if the exact title is repurchased with those funds or another title that better suits the collection.
      • It is the campus library staff discretion if donation in lieu of payment is accepted. Library Staff may opt to offer students alternatives to paying lost/damaged book fines such as assisting in the library, by logging reading minutes, or making donations. After paying off a damaged book, some families ask to keep that book; we will allow that option.