• Grants for Teachers will open on July 15, 2023

    • The staff of Wylie ISD Education Foundation is available to host a campus training, present at staff meetings, bounce around ideas, and coach you through the process. Do not hesitate to reach out.
    • Late applications will not be accepted. Applications require approval from campus principals, Purchasing, Curriculum, and Technology (if applicable). This line of approval is automated once your application is submitted. It is strongly encouraged to discuss your budget with purchasing before submitting your application.
    • Use the grant application working draft document. It is set up to allow you to use Word and spell check and share your application with friends and colleagues for review. Answers can be copied and pasted directly in the correlating online application question. Sometimes the formatting gets messy when pasted into the online application. Don’t worry yourself about that aspect. The reviewers know it is a system issue and not the fault of the applicant.
    • Do NOT use discount codes for estimating prices on your budget. By the time the approval goes through that discount code may be expired and any budget costs that are over the approved grant amount are the responsibility of the campus.
    • For the Budget page list your items in order of how critical/important they are to your grant. Please also answer the questions about partial funding- is it possible to still have a successful grant with a smaller budget or items cut out?
    • Each year the application system is reset. You will have to create a new login every year even if you have applied in the past. If you have any issues logging in please email Windi Fuller at Windi.Fuller@wisdfoundation.org for assistance.
    • Do not use Previous Page or Next Page in the online application. You will lose your work! At the bottom of the far left column is the SAVE icon. Saving your work on that page will automatically advance you to the next page. You are able to return to make edits before your final submittal.
    • Be clear. If you can be concise, do so. If not, use all the words you need but be clear!
    • Be realistic. The committee favors rational and thoughtful approaches to enhance learning. If they don’t believe you can do it, they will hesitate to make the investment. Our reviewers appreciate proposals that enrich the educational experience of Wylie ISD students, but are possible within the existing framework that already is present within the various building and personnel limitations. Let them know that you have done your homework and that what you are proposing is really possible.
    • Be grammatically correct. Poor grammar and misspelling discredit your request. Quality of application matters, as does the creativity and integrity of the idea itself.
    • Proposed programs must align with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for the grade level(s) affected. If you are struggling to accomplish this, the reviewers will struggle to fund it.
    • Our reviews are blind so the committee does not know who has written the grant or which campus they come from. Please do not include the name of your school, mascot, or any campus identifiers in the grant to help ensure the integrity of our selection process. Reviewers will be voting on the merit of the application alone.
    • The Grant Review Committee is made up of volunteers from the community. It is a unique opportunity to invite them into Wylie ISD to see the creative ways our teachers want to enhance education. Because the grant reviewers are not professional educators, it is best that acronyms and specialized language or procedures be explained in laypersons’ terms. A simple but well-thought-out appeal is best.

    The link will be available here on July 15th.

Grant Documents

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