Highlights of the April 10, 2019 Meeting

    • VaLois Hounsel, District 10 president greets our group,
    • Linda Pease is our volunteer of the month. Congratulations!
    • Dawn Bauerle says “Keep moving!” That’s the key to staying mobile and active. You can do simple exercises standing up and even sitting down that keep the joints and body limber.
    • Dr Ethan Royster, a Wylie ISD graduate and now optometrist tells us about senior eye health. He informs us of  the common senior eye issues – cataracts, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma. And tells of the treatments available for these issues. He stresses the importance of regular eye exams.
    • WRSE commemorates the life of member, Paula Scanlan 1944-2018. Paula’s son rehangs the Wylie ISD “Friends We Will Miss” plaque to which her name had been inscribed.