The ASVAB CEP is a complete career planning program. Students are given the opportunity to take the ASVAB at no cost and no commitment to military service. The ASVAB CEP also provides an interest assessment and planning tools to help young adults explore career field entry requirements and various career paths, both military and civilian. 

    High school students in grades 10, 11 and 12 and those enrolled at post-secondary institutions can participate in the ASVAB CEP. Students in 11th grade and beyond receive valid scores for enlistment. The ASVAB may be given in paper and pencil or computer adaptive forms. There are different strategies for taking the ASVAB, depending on which one your school offers. 

    ASVAB CEP test results are sent to schools so participants can explore career options with counselors. The scores report how the student performed on each subtest area, and how their scores compare with others who took the test. Participants receive three composite scores in verbal, math and science/technical skills used for career exploration, and the AFQT score is also reported.

    Good to Know: ASVAB CEP participants who want to enlist in the Military can access their AFQT at asvabprogram.com. They can also access their Service-specific line scores at careersinthemilitary.com.