Teacher Profile

  • Wylie ISD teachers FOSTER HOPE, WELL-BEING and ENGAGEMENT in their classrooms by building positive relationships, exemplifying the values they want to see in their students, making all students feel valued and holding themselves and their students to a high academic standard.

    Wylie teachers build strong relationships with students by

    • Fostering hope.
    • Getting to know kids on a personal level (knows life events, interests and issues).
    • Building relationships with kids through appropriate procedures and stated boundaries.
    • Being open by sharing appropriate personal experiences.
    • Knowing each child's strengths, passion and individual needs.
    • Listening first.
    • Challenging kids to bring their best.
    • Making strategic efforts to go to events out of class: football games, band concerts.
    • Recognizing a student in the way he/she wants to be recognized.

    Wylie teachers live the values we expect from students by 

    • Showing up prepared and present.
    • Engaging the students.
    • Performing with equal passion for subject, students and school.
    • Maintaining a positive spirit.
    • Modeling a pleasant mood and upholding consistent expectations in the classroom.
    • Earning respect by showing respect.
    • Showing love, care and concern.
    • Establishing relationship building rituals (Greet kids at door, remembers birthdays, etc).

    Wylie teachers make all kids feel valued by

    • Focusing on the well-being of ALL students.
    • Making it a priority to speak to everyone.
    • Upholding the Wylie standard (even if it means making a tough call for student's benefit).
    • Encouraging kids; not giving up on them when they struggle.
    • Encouraging risk taking.
    • Celebrating victories, large and small.
    • Separating the child from the grade.
    • Advocating for all children.
    • Focusing on student success.
    • Creating student champions who work to please.

    Wylie teachers exemplify academic leadership by

    • Achieving mastery of their subjects.
    • Following the curriculum standards.
    • Creating relevant, rigorous and engaging lessons.
    • Showcasing a collaborative/team player attitude.
    • Adjusting classroom to meet the needs of each student.
    • Setting and maintaining high expectations for themselves and students.
    • Using data to plan and teach to best help students learn.
    • Achieving students who are successful in their classroom.