• We Want YOU to Join the Davis PTA!


    What does the Davis PTA Do?

    Money raised through each PTA membership and fundraisers like our Apex Run, raffle, and color run, help us continue to bring educational and outside programs in for the students to enjoy, help put on fun in-school events like Field Day, provide popsicles and other treats on special days at school, and host fun family events like the Fall Carnival, Winter Wonderland Dance, Student Night Out Events and other activities throughout the year. The PTA has also helped benefit the school by donating various items to the school that benefits the teachers and students, teaching supplies/materials for our teachers, and purchasing playground equipment like Gaga Ball Pits for our students to play on outside at recess!


    Our 2021-2022 Membership Goal:

    This year our goal is to reach 1000 members by May 25th at our school! With this number of memberships, we will have enough individual voices for every student and staff member at Davis! The cost for Membership is only $9 per person! Last year, we had a total number of 840 members, and we would love to continue to grow our numbers to help our school gain a louder voice and earn more membership recognition within our Texas PTA.


    Who Do We Want?

    Did you know that anyone from the age of birth up can become a member of the PTA? We encourage everyone to become active members of the PTA including parents, teachers, students, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, community members, and friends! Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a working parent, have little time or lots of time, we have something for you! There are so many different aspects of PTA including event planning, volunteer work, fine arts, advocacy, cultural awareness and diversity, networking, fundraising, construction projections, environmental, parent education, marketing, financial, student involvement, and scholarship and grants! As you can see, we incorporate so many different types of skills in our volunteer opportunities!


    Do I Have to Volunteer if I Join PTA?

    While we love and encourage parent volunteers, it is not required with your membership! Don’t have time to be at the school to work, but still want to help? We can still use your talents in various other ways! Look at this form to find out how!


    Davis PTA Kids….Why Students Should Join

    By joining the Davis PTA, our students are taking an active role in their education and learning to be leaders and have a voice in their very own school. They get to also learn about service before themselves by getting to take part in two special community service projects during the school year. This is a great way to help your student collaborate with other students and learn about the importance of advocacy. We will also be offering some other special events for our PTA Student Members depending on current health regulations and guidelines.


    Please consider joining the Davis PTA today! Joining is easy! You can grab a membership envelope in the front office or online or also signup online at www.joinpta.org. Questions can be emailed to membersdavis.wisd@gmail.com.