• Davis Intermediate 6th grade Art

    We are asking for a 15.00 supply fee to cover supplies your student will need throughout the year. Donations are always welcome. 


    Art Room Supply List- McMillan Junior High

    All of the supplies can be found at Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Dollar Store, ect.


    Art I

    • Amazon:


      (This list is only to help you. There are extra items on the amazon list just for choices. I do not care about brands! Also, if you have used supplies use them, you don't have to have new everything!!!!! The only thing new needs to be the sketchbook.)

      • 9x12 SPIRAL BOUND sketchbook (Blue-XL Canson mixed media paper)
      • #2 Pencils
      • Manual Pencil Sharpener
      • Scissors
      • Pink or Gum (white) erasers
      • Ruler
      • (8+ color) Watercolor set
      • (2) Glue stick
      • (4) Fine point Sharpie, Black
      • (4) Ultra Fine Point Sharpie, Black
      • (10+) Colored Pencil Set
      • (10+) Markers, thick and thin
      • Container to keep supplies organized
      • We will be using white and black paper. I suggest having construction paper on hand. 
      • If we require a different supply, I will give plenty of notice to have time to get. Or, to schedule a time to pick up from school.

      Reach out if you need help/assistance in getting supplies!