Damarys Lopez
  • Welcome to Mrs. Lopez's RLA class!

     Daily Schedule 

    8:15-9:29 1st Block

    9:32-10:46 2nd Block

    10:49-12:56 3rd Block 

    11:40-12:20 Recess & Lunch 

    12:59-2:13 4th Block- Conference Time

    2:16-3:30 5th Block  

    40 Book Challenge

    Students will be asked to read 40 books of their choice by the end of the school year.  Students will have time in class to read, but it will not be enough to read 40 books. This project will be their daily homework for RLA. For each book, they will have to complete a quick reading response to tell briefly about the book. 

    This project is part of our daily instruction this year. It helps students become independent readers. Also, it gives them the opportunity to fall in love with literature. 

    Students were provided with some guidelines about the different genres they have to read. We will work closely with our school’s librarian, she will be able to suggest books or ebooks according to their individual interests. They will also meet with me frequently to see their progress in this project.