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    My Tutorials

    PM: Monday and Thursday from 3:30 - 4:05
    AM: Wednesday and Friday from 7:40 - 8:10

    I can typically be available any day and time by request.

    My Schedule

    1st  - 8th Advanced Science 

    2nd - 8th Science

    3rd - 8th Science

    4th - Conference

    5th - Advisory

    6th - 8th Advanced Science

    7th - 8th Science

    8th - 8th Advanced Science



    The best way to reach me is through email: scott.johnson@wylieisd.net

    I will answer all emails within 24 business hours. If you email me on a Friday afternoon, while I do sometimes answer emails over the weekend, please expect the reply to arrive on Monday.



    All of the student's work will be available to see in Google Classroom. I will create a new topic for each week. In each topic the assignments will be listed by their date and title of the assignment. Any and all documents associated with the assignment will be available in the assignment. For labs and Lectures a recording will be posted as well for absent students or students who wish to see it again.


    Class Description and Goals

    Science is mankind’s effort to learn about our world through the processes of observation and experimentation. Along with learning basic science processes and skills, our class will be focusing on the following areas this year:

    Unit 1 – Scientific Processes & Investigating Components of the Universe
    Unit 2 – Investigating the Sun, Earth and Moon
    Unit 3 – Investigating Global Weather Patterns
    Unit 4 – Investigating Forces that Change the Earth
    Unit 5 – Investigating Interdependence Among Living Systems
    Unit 6 - Investigating Force and Motion
    Unit 7 – Investigating Atoms and the Periodic Table
    Unit 8 – Investigating Chemical Formulas & Reactions

    My main goal as your teacher is to help students succeed both in the classroom and in life. Science is a fascinating and applicable subject that helps us better understand the workings of the world around us. Even more important, though, I want each student to fall in love with learning. No matter how old we get, our ability to learn and understand new things plays an important role in our lives. I want each student to become a lifelong learner!